Make your email campaigns targeted

Targetted Email Marketing
Email marketing proves to be extremely cost effective when it is in targeted. With the correct targeting, your return on investment on email marketing campaigns, are higher than almost any other channel.

Here are a few tips to make your emails more targeted:
  • Registrations forms: Ask your users to enter important information such as their gender, age and profession when they register on your website. 
  • Extract additional information: Avoid asking too much information in the registration form, as it can scare or bore your users. Instead, you can analyze their information to create additional parameters.  For example you can use their job title to create different categories such as seniority, job function or department, and whether they are a decision maker.
  • Segment your database: Don’t send the same email to your entire database. Adapt each mailshot for specific segments of your database. For example you should avoid offering a female-targeted product to male audience, of if you do, you should give it the right angle (e.g. buy this as a gift for your lady).
  • Don't email too many people in the same company: If you are offering a B2B service or product, target the main decision makers and try not to send emails to too many people in the same company.